ZBx is a private biomedical company that was founded in 2002 as  a developer and manufacturer of rapid format, laboratory and point of care diagnostic products in the human and veterinary fields.  Activity includes:

  • Platform development and licensing of 2 test cartridge designs  for serum, plasma or whole blood.
    • Capillary blood can always be used; anticoagulents will vary by analyte.
    • All reagents on board – no buffers, washes or diluents and no processing – just wait the required time to read a result.
    • The ability to use capillary whole blood creates a true one step test with no sample preparation issues.
    • Small sample volume – 35 ul (approx. 1 drop of capillary blood from a fingerstick) or 20 ul depending on platform.
    • Can be used for immunoassays or enzymatic tests.
  • New test development and licensing  – new immunoassays, enzymatic tests or liquid chemistry on our platforms or yours.
  • Contract research – developing and optimizing your tests and markers, usually (but not exclusively) on our platforms – with flexible manufacturing or technology transfer for local assembly or manufacturing
  • Import of novel products from outside Canada for registration and distribution in Canada.
ZBx’s own tests are marketed under the ZAP™ and ZAP Micro™ brands by distributors and joint venture manufacturers.  Licensed products can be private labelled.ZBx is certified under ISO 13485:2003 and has a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada.