Customer service rep – Wolof, English, French

ZBx Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of rapid format diagnostic tests that is expanding its exports to West Africa with initial entry in Senegal.  Activities in Senegal will commence with clinical trials and registration of existing and new products as well as development of distributors and/or joint venture relationships.  Subsequent expansion is then targeted to other French and English speaking African countries.  Company products have specific advantages in community health clinics in low resource areas such as small or rural communities so product adoption is these areas is key.

French is the official language of Senegal, but Wolof is the common language for 80% of the population and is needed in support of commercial activities and product adoption outside of urban centers

In addition to normal customer service responsibilities, rep must be able to accompany and translate for company management and staff in urban and rural areas in Senegal.  Rep also needs these languages to effectively act as an interface between other company personnel (including scientific) and Senegalese distributors and/or joint venture employees (and their customers) in support of product adoption and sales.

Eventual advancement to a sales position with a focus on Africa may be possible.

Duties of the position:

  • Liaison with all contacts in Senegal and West Africa, and with all French and Wolof speakers in support of market expansion and product adoption.
  • Become familiar with all company products and departments.
  • Respond to communications from all actual and potential customers
  • Respond to and direct others seeking to understand the company or its products.  In addition to potential customers, this will include medical doctors, laboratories, researchers and regulatory agencies.
  • Take and track orders.
  • Research and resolve issues or complaints.
  • Assist sales and marketing in developing customer or distributor targets or marketing material
  • Understand, translate and be able to explain product inserts.
  • Learn technical terms in sufficient detail to understand queries and to effectively relay responses from staff with technical expertise.
  • Written and spoken translation as needed in support of company activities (as above and of regulatory submissions).
  • Research and prepare reports as directed.
  • Other duties as required.


Terms: Starting salary is $17.50/hour with a 40 work week and a 3 month probationary period, then permanent.  After completion of probationary period, employee is eligible for term life insurance, medical and dental benefits.  Principle work location is Toronto head office, but must be able to travel as noted above.


  • University degree.
  • Fluent (written and spoken) in Wolof, English and French
  • Understanding of business as demonstrated by degree and/or experience
  • Understanding of how medical offices and/or laboratories work as demonstrated by degree or experience (as these are the end users of company’s products).
  • Superior communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to develop successful relationships will people at all levels
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated, able to work independently and meet or exceed deadlines.
  • Flexible and adaptable with good computer skills (Microsoft Office, internet search skills).
  • Team player with good judgment


Previous work or living experience in Senegal or other French speaking African country is an asset, but not required.

Send cover letter and resume in English by email to or mail to:


ZBx Corporation
73 Railside Rd., Unit 9
Toronto, Ontario.  M3A 1B2