Tests using the ZAP™ platforms have been approved in the US, Canada, Europe (CE mark), China and Nigeria. ZBx has 8 issued and pending patent families (7 utility and 1 design), protecting various aspects of the platforms. Recent filings include use of the platforms for lateral flow enzymatic tests and for addressing the hook effect in circumstances in which the analyte is expected to be either very high or very low.

The ZAP™

The ZAP Micro™

The ZAP™ platform has the following features:

  • With the removable cap off, capillary blood from a finger stick can drawn into the device – no transfer device required, no processing required
  • With the cap on, serum, plasma or anti-coagulated whole blood can be applied to the well with a transfer device
  • A true one step sampling and test initiation system
  • Small size device -6 cm x 2 cm
  • Small volume – 35 ul – approx. one drop of capillary (fingerstick) whole blood
  • No buffers, wash solutions or diluents required – all reagents on board
  • Incorporates volume controls – the test won’t absorb excess sample and no control line forms if underfilled
  • 8 to 20 minutes run time to confirm a negative result, depending on analyte
  • Easily used and interpreted by paraprofessionals, reducing costs
  • Ideal for community health clinics, physician offices, ambulances or other near patient applications
  • Expand your test menu with already developed tests
  • Also available for license for your analytes (assay development services also available)
The ZAP Micro™ has all the features of the ZAP™ platform, plus:

  • Smaller sample size – 20 ul
  • Hinged cap creates a stand allowing easier application of capillary/fingerstick  blood
  • Makes self administration easy – possible application for home use
  • Available for license for your analytes